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Women in Business Interview- Northanger Soapworks

Welcome! I'm glad you're here for the first installment of my Women in Business Interviews!

I've always enjoyed learning from and following other business women, whether they were in my field of soapmaking or not. I feel like there's so much cross over with different businesses. There are things we all struggle with, and maybe someone (possibly not in our particular field) has the answer! This series will have interviews with women in a wide varieties of fields: Soapmakers, Realtors, Dog Groomers, and many more. Everyone has something interesting to bring to the table, and I'm honored to use my small platform to shine the light on these amazing business women!

With that in mind, I'd like to introduce you to someone that I greatly admire (and feel like we have so much in common haha): Laura from Northanger Soapworks!

Laura of Northanger Soapworks

Tell us about yourself!

Hey! I'm Laura, currently a stay at home mom to three little kids. I'm 36 and live in Madison Wisconsin. I have worked both as an earthquake engineer and a maps librarian in the past.