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About Us: Inner_about
Because I have so many new followers, and I just had headshots done for the first time (major shouto

Our Tale

It's a pleasure to meet you! You can call me Meagan.

Coffee connoisseur, boundary breaker, and proud matriarch of the kind of family that inspires sitcoms. The kind you name your business after to harness the intensity. Hayden Avery and Adeline Grey are two little people that are half me, half my person, and wholly, undeniably, remarkable.

My breaks look like books and Louisiana breezes, and the days I don't get one look like passion and just the right amount of unpredictability. Creating and never knowing exactly how something will turn out is what gets me through each day. I strive for the extraordinary and I avoid the mundane. 

It's why I founded Avery Grey Soapery. To create. To make. To raise the bar. (ha, get it?)


This is a business made up of innovators and forward-thinkers always looking for the next thing to bring you to make your bath experience all it can be.


So, go ahead. Give magic a chance.

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