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Mirror Glaze Soap Tutorial

Hi, friends! This is my first ever tutorial, I hope you find it useful. If I've been unclear on any part or you have additional questions, please let me know!

To start, let me explain how I came up with this idea. I'm a huge fan of pastry/baking shows. I'm also a little addicted to watching videos on Instagram, especially glazing videos. Seriously, is there anything more mesmerizing than watching a chef pour that glossy smooth glaze over a cake? If there is, I haven't found it yet. So, watching these videos made me wonder if this was a technique that could be replicated in soap. I mean, we mix, layer, pipe and decorate like bakers and pastry chefs, so why not glaze? Now, this is my first attempt, so there are a few things I plan to tweak for my next try, but I thought I'd share what I've learned so far.

And now, the tutorial:

**Disclaimer, please practice proper safety while soapmaking, including gloves. Unbeknownst to me, my husband used my last pair of gloves. I didn't realize it until I reached for them after pouring my lye into my oils. You can find Soap Queen's series on safety here.

Ingredients Phase 1:

4 oz Almond Oil

4 oz Avocado Oil

8 oz Coconut Oil