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2019 Resolutions


If you’re like me, every year at this time you make resolutions. I’m finally going to hit the gym 6 days a week, and keep my closet organized, and stay on top of the laundry, and be Mary Poppins to my children, and prep every single meal, and budget, and stay on top of my business, and, and, and, and. And on it goes. I mean sure, you stick with it for a few weeks. Maybe a full two months. And slowly, one by one, you “forget” your resolutions and feel like a failure. I’ve been there. I’ve done that. For way too many years. This year I’m trying something new: I’m not making resolutions. Like, at all. No more, “New Year, New Me.” Because I’ve failed at it every time. Instead, I’m going to focus on one word. Just one. One word that I can apply to my personal life, and my business. Conquer.

I am going to conquer the year. In whatever way presents itself. When faced with a challenging business decision: Conquer. Faced with personal challenges (ie: yelling at my kids): Conquer. Conquer that snap reaction to raise my voice to the little people that rely on me. Conquer that urge to draw back in fear of the unknown. Conquer the reaction to pull myself in and be small, and unnoticeable, and quiet, and agreeable. Just so I don’t rock the boat. Just so no one has anything bad to say about me. Just so.... No more.

I made a huge leap at the very end of 2018 by opening a store front for my previously online business. I have huge dreams and goals that I’m going to stop holding myself back from. I’m going to stop brushing my business off when I speak to other people, as if what I’m doing isn’t important because they don’t understand it, or because I don’t stay home with my children, or because I don’t work a traditional job, or because I didn’t finish college. Whatever their viewpoint is. I am a soap maker. I am a businesswoman. I am a wife, a mother, a sister, daughter, friend. I yell a little too much, stress about too much, worry too much, plan too much, cuss too much. Hold myself back too much. But not anymore. This year, I am conquering it all.

I hope if you make resolutions that you stick to them. But if you decide to try something different, and choose a word, I’d love to know your word. Let me know, because I see you. I appreciate you. And I’m here for you. Meagan- Owner of Avery Grey Soapery

Conquer- 2019 Word of the Year


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