Mother’s Day Set- Large

Mother’s Day Set- Large

Choose your set, and make sure you get the mother’s in your life something special!

Blackberry Magnolia Set includes: Blackberry Magnolia Artisan Soap, Blackberry Magnolia Wooden Wick Candle, Blackberry Magnolia Scrub, Lavender Woods Bathbomb, and Blackberry Magnolia Shave Soap. 

Siren Set Includes: Siren Artisan Soap, Siren Wooden Wick Candle, 8th & Ocean Scrub, Ocean Breeze Bathbomb, Watermelon Bathbomb

Strawberry Champagne: Strawberry Champagne Artisan Soap, Strawberry Champagne Wooden Wick Candle, You’re A Peach Scrub, Vacation Bathbomb, Watermelon Bathbomb

Nightfall Set: Nightfall Artisan Soap, Nightfall Wooden Wick Candle, Afternoon Tea Scrub, Gingham Bathbomb, Determined Bathbomb